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Hey there!

So I know I said i was going to write three or four times a week, well turns out I can’t post on Wednesday so it will be three times and/or whenever I can write. I have taken down a countdown because the blog post have to be written in advance and writing in the week is a struggle.

Life can be full of stress and there is no point ignoring it because it just builds up more and more until finally you become overwhelmed in anxiety and that can often came a person become constantly miserable and no-one wants that. But don’t be afraid of stress because cowering away from it can also make it build up, so the best way to deal with stress is think what is it I’m stressing about, what can I do to stop myself stressing about it, do I need to stress about this now. Answer these questions and then do whatever it is that you need to do to stop stressing about it whether it is doing a piece of work, telling someone about it etc. Another good way to deal with stress is write about it: fix any of it that can/ needs to be fixed, do whatever it is you need to do and then rip it up and throw it away, it is no longer something to stress about. Also if your stressing about something when your trying to get to sleep you are most lightly tired you can always deal with it in the morning.

As well as those techniques something I’ve found useful is to take your mind of all of it: friends, family, school, work. However hiding away from everyone and everythingI’ve found that writing both on this blog and in a journal. Everyone has something that will take there mind of the things their struggling with and no matter how busy you are make sure you have time to just chill and relax (sleeping or reading  are very good ideas) .

There are loads of ways to deal with stress these are just some of my best and I’m sure they will work with others. Comment any tips on dealing with stress that you have.

Bye for now,

1g1j xox

7 March favourites

I’m back and it’s that time of the month where I need to do another monthly favourites. It has been such a long time since I posted a blog, I need to get into the habit of posting every week. I might start a countdown for each blog post so that I post regularly and on time.

  1. PRIMARK- This month I have absolutely adored Primark this month, not that I don’t normally like Primark it has always been great obviously but this month I bought my new favourite jumper which I will leave a link to below.
  2. Bitmoji- I re-downloaded it this month and was surprised at how much I now use it. For those who dont know Bitmoji is an app where you design your self as an emoji and there is all sorts of funny pictures with your emoji in. There are some example I found online below. You can make it Bitstrips style or bitmoji style I have made mine bitmoji style but having seen these might try Bitstrips. I recommend downloading Bitmoji especially if you have snapchat as you can sign in through it.
  3. Ed Sheeran songs- Ed Sheeran has come back from his year off with a bang. His new album Divide came out on Friday 3rd March since then he has had a huge success. I have been a fan of his since his first album and was disappointed when he took a years break.
  4.  4’o clock club- Now I’m not talking about detention it isn’t something you should be proud of but it does make a good TV programme. I’m talking about the CBBC show that has come back with its fifth series. It’s filled with jokes, raps, friends, family , school, teachers etc.
  5. Temple run 2- My dad and I absolutely adored this game when I was about 7 or at least I adored it and he had it on his phone! Still it’s a great game and I recently downloaded it. If you don’t know what temple run 1 or 2 is then I’ll explain: basically you’ve stolen the idol so this monkey, demon dude is chasing you there are obstacles and coins to collect. You slide, jump, turn and tilt to obtain a high score.
  6.  Shopping-I actually can’t believe I haven’t put this in a monthly favourites yet. Shopping is so much fun because you can do it with friends, family and it’s a great way to get to know people, I know: what! how does shopping help you get to know someone? Well it can coz you can learn someones fashion sense and tastes from going shopping with them, weird I know but still it’s an excuse to go shopping!
  7.  Sims freeplay- I have had this game for years but haven’t mentioned it yet so thought I should now. It is basically Sims 4 but as Sims 4 is £49.99 and Sims freeplay is free. Despite this fact Sims freeplay is still sooo fun, you can design cool houses, make families, build relationships. I recommend downloading it however it takes up quite a bit of storage!

Hope you have enjoyed this months favourites. What are your 7 march favourites? Do any of these make your 7 monthly favourites? Also is there anything you want me to blog about? Any tips you want about, well general life? Comment down below and remember to like, follow, tell your friends and most of all enjoy!



Gifs part 1?

Hi guys be warned this blog post contains a lot of humour so beware cause your about to laugh a whole lot. So this post is gonna be a bit different to anything I have ever posted on my blog but it is something that most people love and it’s just a bit of fun. It’s a new blog content idea for me and I don’t know if maybe it should just be at the bottom of my blog with the blog calendar, follow button etc or if you like every so often for me to post something a bit more humoured, let me know in the comments. Anyway here are the gifs:

dancing-banana.gifIt’s a dancing banana with a huge smile what’s not to love!?

triangle-shape-moving-animated-gif-5.gifI just don’t get it it’s so cool!

ba-awesome-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-image-s.gif                       I love the colours and also fireworks are too loud but so pretty so having a gif is perfect.Dvdp3.gif It’s actually hypnotizing!

polarbearschool.gif That is me every morning!! florian-1.gif Is it just me or is it moving!130207.gif I spent ages watching this on google trying to figure it out and `i still don’t get why you never get to the bottom!giphy.gif What a cute little taco/burito thing!!

I’m not gonna do to many because if you guys think it’s a bit boring then there is no point me doing loads. I have really enjoyed making this, there were a lot of really funny ones but I can’t post anything racist or political really because I don’t want to offend anyone getting offended by anything I post. I’m gonna make a gifs widget at the bottom of my page so they will be there as well. If you enjoyed it like and tell me your favourite gif, if not then tell comment some ideas of what you would enjoy reading.

Thanks for reading,


Friends p2! Groups

Hi guys I haven’t posted in quite a long time and the reasons are what this blog is about. Recently I posted part 1 of Friends but it wasn’t called part 1 because I didn’t know that it might be quite fun to start a series that will go on for a long time. The first of this series was very stereo typical and I’m wondering if it was too stereo typical, comment !!! if you think yes if you think it was too stereo typical, comment !! if you think no it wasnt too stereo typical. Anyway here is part 2:

So the reason I haven’t posted in a while is one school, but that isn’t blog post worthy, two I have been having a bit of friend drama. I think I mentioned it before but I recently started a new school which means new classes, new teachers  and more importantly new friends, I started off in one friendship group, then that group moved into another which then broke into one 6 and one 3 leaving me holding the pieces in the middle. I pinged between these two groups and finally got tired of be stuck in the middle of everything. So I stayed with one friendship group but we were a seven and I kept getting left out which got very tiring. These things happen with friendship groups and it can be hard but they just keep changing over and over again like man kind we evolved. I should probably also mention that just because finding a secure friendship group was hard didn’t mean  I still had friends and a lot of fun at school.

Adults will tell you that friendship groups are bad and they can be if the friendship group is excluding people. But having close friends that hang out isn’t bad as long as you let anyone in.

This has been quite a short post but I’m rushing to get as many blogs out as possible! I’m going to try to post once a day until I have done 5 posts this month. Go check out yesterday’s 7 February favourites and I will see you tomorrow with another post!

Remember to comment on whether my last Friends post was too stereo typical if you can’t remember it was in the first paragraph. I love hearing your ideas I guess you have anything you want me to post about any advice your in need of. Thanks for reading I’ll see you tomorrow with my next blog.



7 February favourites

Hi guys, it’s the beginning of March which means that I need to do a February Favourite’s. Last month I only posted once!! I have a lot of unfinished blogs saved up which I will post as son as possible. I’m starting a blog series as well as this one of monthly favourites except about friends. You will have to wait a couple of days for my next load of blogs but for now here is my February Favourite’s:

  1. The Space Between Us- I went to see this movie with some of my friends it is sooooo good. It is a heartbreaking, romantic film that is sure to make you cry both with happiness and sadness. I’m not sure if I’m a loud to say it but personally I think the age certificate of the film is wrong it should really be a 12 but I’m not a film producer so I maybe wrong.
  2. Flappy Golf 2- This game is so fun. It is basically golf but you have to get into the whole in a certain amount of jumps or you can play online or you can play local against your friends and the past part is to play local you don’t even need wifi!
  3. Costa- I have always loved Costa but I didn’t mention it in my last monthly favourites so I figured I would just have to mention in this one. For those who don’t know Costa Coffee is an amazing chain of cafes.
  4. Paper.io- Paper.io is another game which is one of many .io games where you have to draw out paper. It’s hard to explain really but it’s soooo fun and it’s free! You can also buy cool avatars using the game money you win while playing. You don’t need wifi for it and it’s super fun.
  5. Memories- Recently my friends and I have spent a lot of time talking about the past. It is really fun recalling all those good times and going back and it’s happened. One thing I love about memories is that you don’t have to remember the stuff you don’t like and you can just think about the stuff that was fun and you enjoyed.
  6. River Island- My local river island doesn’t only sells women’s clothes and I do often shop their but I found that out a long time ago so kinda of didn’t go back but recently went into another River Island and I loved it, I bought £80 worth of clothes and I’m now obsessed with it.
  7. Cbbc- When I was a kid (here I go with my memories again) I adored CBBC and didn’t watch much else, then I kind of watched Disney Challenge, then YouTube and now I’m back at CBBC. I generally watch 4’0 clock club, Dumping Ground, Millie inbetween but it changes all the time. I love all there shows but those are the ones I and watched recently.

So those are my 7 February Favourites. If you haven’t already seen my last one of these then go check it out like it, comment, follow the whole package.

Bye for now,


7 January Favourite’s

So at the moment my blog has been mostly advice which is great and I love doing it but I feel like I want more variety on my blog. Also you guys might get a bit bored of advice.

This post is called January Favourites because I was watching Zoella while thinking about my blog and suddenly thought that as it is the beginning of February and so to give my blog variety I should do January Favourites. I will try do one of these every month.

This month I have been loving:

  1. YouTube- I’m loving youtube at the moment it is my life after school. If I had done a December faves it would have been Netflix but now I just can’t watch anything else I’m obsessed!
  2. Sims 4- Same as before in December I was obsessed with Sims freeplay but now I’m saving up £50 to buy Sims 4 because I love watching people play sims 4 and it looks so cool.
  3. My blog!- I love this blog and as January has been the first full month of my blog I thought it would be important to mention to you guys reading that I love writing as much as I hope you love reading it. I would like to shout out to Maylia, Charlotte and Lucy you guys are the most amazing fans I love you and your support is so important to me.
  4. New look- I have always loved New Look but I have and still love a lot of shops but now my online browsing is only ever on New Look. I personally love trying to be as original as possible and wanted to find a shop and a style that I like and was mine but I just love New Look too much I know it is very much a popular brand but I love it.
  5. Zalfie- I love watching their vlogs but also other people make slideshows to songs of Zalfie and it is adorable!!! I just love them they are just sooooo cute. One of Alfie’s most recent videos is called girlfriend voice over or something and I was cryin gwith laughter!!!
  6. Reading- Ok so your all probably thinking NERD ALERT!! But I love reading and I feel like  a lot of people don’t like it which is fine but reading so fun and also means you can concentrate on someone elses life rather than yours so reading has become an escape for me and anything that means I don’t have to think about life is just great.
  7. TEA!!!- Lots of my friends quite like coffee, hot chocolate or sweet drinks but no I just love love love tea so so so much. (i don’t have much to write about tea)

So those are my January favourites! Comment what you’ve been loving this month, follow my blog, like all my blog posts and tell your friends! (I sound really desperate but I am right now) Also comment if it is wrong that I want more followers and likes! I think it might be natural but what do you think?



Friends are the most amazing things to have because they feel like family but the best thing is they’re not your family which means they except you for you and you shouldn’t have to change for them. If you do have to change for your friends this is peer pressure and it isn’t good unless your changing for the better.

Everyone has different friends, thats what makes you like them so much because there not all the same! I will apologise in advance if anyone finds this stereo typical.

Here is a list of different types of friends (you will probably have at least one of these amongst your friendship group):

  1. The kind one: I’m not saying that you and all your friends aren’t kind but there is always one who is one of the loveliest people you’ve ever met. It may be hard not to get annoyed at how kind, generous and forgiving this type of person is but they are the kind of friend you need who will always support you.
  2. The sensitive one: I had a friend like this she was hilarious (this will be another type of friend) she would get touchy about everything. This type of friend offend understands your problems and support you because they have probably been through it too! These people can be difficult but supportive.
  3. The leader: Adults don’t like you or them to admit this but with every friendship group there is a leader it is a natural part of friendship group but the problem starts when the leader controls everyone else’s life. The leader is often the most confident person or the person who brought the group together.
  4. The shy one: The shy one tends to also be the cute one but not always. Some times talkative people like quiet a people because you can just talk and talk to them, other reasons too. I have a friend who is quite quiet and she is really really lovely but also surprised me when I first met her because of how funny she is! These people can surprise you in many ways but they often have beautiful little quirks.
  5. The mature one: Sometimes mature people start thing they’re more intelligent and better than everyone else but when they’re in a group of friends where everyone in the group loves them (as a friend or not) they can start not to feel that way. Mature people can be mature in different ways: maturely .developed, intelligently mature, inappropriate etc.

These are just a few types of friends there are more, some can be combined, more complicated and many more. As I was saying above adults don’t like you or them to admit to having friendship groups but it is natural to have a close nit group of friends the problem is when groups are exclusive.

If anyone has a friend like one of these comment! I’m going to start mentioning comments in my blog I only didn’t before because I didn’t have any! I really appreciate all the support you guys are giving me but I would love it if you could help me on my quest to find good advertising skills, I’m not asking you to dot the advertising or do research but if you have any good ideas that you think of while reading this, then I would love to here your ideas.

Also shout out to all my amazing friends who probably aren’t reading this but still!

Thanks for reading,


Success and failure

Have you ever tried really hard on a test and got a really good mark that your really proud of but someone else got a higher mark than you and your mark starts feeling like a failure.

Have you ever done a LAMDA or music exam where you tried really hard and you think you did really well but the mark you got is lower than someone who you’ve seen practice and looked absolutely awful but still got a better mark!

Have you ever had a job interview where you did loads of research and put in a load of work but someone who didn’t put in as much work still gets the job.

Have you ever worked all night on something and been really proud of it but the next day someone has done an even better job and said they spent know time on it.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these or something similar then you’ll know how awful the experience is but next time did you try even harder or did you just give up because you weren’t happy with last times result? If you carried on trying you probably achieved it and some point along the journey but if you gave up you won’t achieve your goal (unless your goal is to give up). To achieve something not only do you have to put the effort in you also have to keep trying in order to achieve something. I have a Grade  in the instrument I play coming up soon and I’m not confident I will pass but if I don’t pass this time I’ll try again and again and again until I pass.

Having friends and supporting each other is soooooo impotant, so so so important but also it is important to concentrate on yourself as well as helping others. I read in a book recently a quote that: ‘”You have to stop looking sideways all the time and start focusing on your own lane.”‘. Someone else’s success does not impact you or detract from what you’ve achieved. I read that in Girl Online Going Solo, Leah Brown said it. That series of books was my inspiration for this blog and a lot of other things too.

Comment if you have had anything like this ever happen to you.

Till next time,



Happy New Year

Hi reader,

A new year is a fresh start. Most people make new years resolutions as a way to improve there life in a quick and easy way. I always make resolutions but only recently I’ve found that I’ve really wanted to make resolutions. I think as you get older that kind of thing becomes slightly more important and you start making realistic resolutions, or at least that is what happened with me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but a lot of adults are doing dry January which is where adults give up alcohol for I’m not actually sure if it is a month or a fortnight. I guess it is a bit like lent but they decide to do it in January  because a great resolution would be to stop an addiction or it could just be something you wish you did less.

I thought I would share a couple of tips on how to make new years resolutions:

  1. Think about what you do a lot and would like to do less or what you what like to not do at all.
  2. Make sure that any resolutions you make are realistic and that you will be able to keep them.
  3. Make resolutions to try something new but make sure to specify what you want to try.
  4. Write down the list so that you don’t forget any of your resolutions.

I know making resolutions may seem easy to some people but to others it can either be a joke or hard and I thought it might be interesting some of the tips I had. I’m sure there are way better tips on resolutions and I’m sure the all knowing internet has great tips so that , as always, would be a great place to look for help.

Some of my resolutions are: Form a band , do more exercise and try more new things. What are yours? I would love to here some of your resolutions, so leave a comment about a resolution and in my next blog I will mention them.

Bye for now,                                                                                                                                         1g1j


My first blog post

Hi reader, 

This is my first blog post !Yay! as you probably guessed from reading the title of this post which hopefully you read.

Anyway, I’ve been inspired by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella and her book series Girl Online, I’m currently reading the third and most recent book. 

In this blog I will write about life as a teenage girl: the drama, the laughs, the highs and the lows (I sound like the blurb on the back of a book). This is an anonymous blog so I cant tell you my name but I can tell you about me and my life. All my friends will have nicknames so I can talk about them with you without revealing there names to you. You’re probably thinking thats all very well but what makes her blog different to the others (if you weren’t you are now) well my blog will be a safe place, a no mean zone if you will that means no cyber bullying or mean things that could upset people so don’t have arguments in the comments. Ok so it isn’t revolutionary but it is a start.

My next blog will be more interesting as it will be about something interesting not me explaining the basics to you. If there is anyone out there reading this whether your English, American, Swiss, German, Chinese, Japanese leave a comment and I will reply either in my next blog, the one after or in the comments. 

I will probably post two or three times a week, it depends if I have anything to say.I need some ideas for how to publicise my blog further so if you have any ideas then comment, tell your friends, thank you for reading.

Bye for now,                                                                                                                     1g1j