Just Relax

Hey there!

So I know I said i was going to write three or four times a week, well turns out I can’t post on Wednesday so it will be three times and/or whenever I can write. I have taken down a countdown because the blog post have to be written in advance and writing in the week is a struggle.

Life can be full of stress and there is no point ignoring it because it just builds up more and more until finally you become overwhelmed in anxiety and that can often came a person become constantly miserable and no-one wants that. But don’t be afraid of stress because cowering away from it can also make it build up, so the best way to deal with stress is think what is it I’m stressing about, what can I do to stop myself stressing about it, do I need to stress about this now. Answer these questions and then do whatever it is that you need to do to stop stressing about it whether it is doing a piece of work, telling someone about it etc. Another good way to deal with stress is write about it: fix any of it that can/ needs to be fixed, do whatever it is you need to do and then rip it up and throw it away, it is no longer something to stress about. Also if your stressing about something when your trying to get to sleep you are most lightly tired you can always deal with it in the morning.

As well as those techniques something I’ve found useful is to take your mind of all of it: friends, family, school, work. However hiding away from everyone and everythingI’ve found that writing both on this blog and in a journal. Everyone has something that will take there mind of the things their struggling with and no matter how busy you are make sure you have time to just chill and relax (sleeping or reading  are very good ideas) .

There are loads of ways to deal with stress these are just some of my best and I’m sure they will work with others. Comment any tips on dealing with stress that you have.

Bye for now,

1g1j xox

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