Success and failure

Have you ever tried really hard on a test and got a really good mark that your really proud of but someone else got a higher mark than you and your mark starts feeling like a failure.

Have you ever done a LAMDA or music exam where you tried really hard and you think you did really well but the mark you got is lower than someone who you’ve seen practice and looked absolutely awful but still got a better mark!

Have you ever had a job interview where you did loads of research and put in a load of work but someone who didn’t put in as much work still gets the job.

Have you ever worked all night on something and been really proud of it but the next day someone has done an even better job and said they spent know time on it.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these or something similar then you’ll know how awful the experience is but next time did you try even harder or did you just give up because you weren’t happy with last times result? If you carried on trying you probably achieved it and some point along the journey but if you gave up you won’t achieve your goal (unless your goal is to give up). To achieve something not only do you have to put the effort in you also have to keep trying in order to achieve something. I have a Grade Β in the instrument I play coming up soon and I’m not confident I will pass but if I don’t pass this time I’ll try again and again and again until I pass.

Having friends and supporting each other is soooooo impotant, so so so important but also it is important to concentrate on yourself as well as helping others. I read in a book recently a quote that: ‘”You have to stop looking sideways all the time and start focusing on your own lane.”‘. Someone else’s success does not impact you or detract from what you’ve achieved. I read that in Girl Online Going Solo, Leah Brown said it. That series of books was my inspiration for this blog and a lot of other things too.

Comment if you have had anything like this ever happen to you.

Till next time,



6 thoughts on “Success and failure

  1. AnnieW says:

    I have had this experience many times I do really well in lessons and my teachers are really proud of me but when it comes to tests I think I am going to do really bad and then I do, when I get the results back I always do really bad and my friend who didn’t even revise did better than me can u help 😟😳

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