Friends are the most amazing things to have because they feel like family but the best thing is they’re not your family which means they except you for you and you shouldn’t have to change for them. If you do have to change for your friends this is peer pressure and it isn’t good unless your changing for the better.

Everyone has different friends, thats what makes you like them so much because there not all the same! I will apologise in advance if anyone finds this stereo typical.

Here is a list of different types of friends (you will probably have at least one of these amongst your friendship group):

  1. The kind one: I’m not saying that you and all your friends aren’t kind but there is always one who is one of the loveliest people you’ve ever met. It may be hard not to get annoyed at how kind, generous and forgiving this type of person is but they are the kind of friend you need who will always support you.
  2. The sensitive one: I had a friend like this she was hilarious (this will be another type of friend) she would get touchy about everything. This type of friend offend understands your problems and support you because they have probably been through it too! These people can be difficult but supportive.
  3. The leader: Adults don’t like you or them to admit this but with every friendship group there is a leader it is a natural part of friendship group but the problem starts when the leader controls everyone else’s life. The leader is often the most confident person or the person who brought the group together.
  4. The shy one: The shy one tends to also be the cute one but not always. Some times talkative people like quiet a people because you can just talk and talk to them, other reasons too. I have a friend who is quite quiet and she is really really lovely but also surprised me when I first met her because of how funny she is! These people can surprise you in many ways but they often have beautiful little quirks.
  5. The mature one: Sometimes mature people start thing they’re more intelligent and better than everyone else but when they’re in a group of friends where everyone in the group loves them (as a friend or not) they can start not to feel that way. Mature people can be mature in different ways: maturely .developed, intelligently mature, inappropriate etc.

These are just a few types of friends there are more, some can be combined, more complicated and many more. As I was saying above adults don’t like you or them to admit to having friendship groups but it is natural to have a close nit group of friends the problem is when groups are exclusive.

If anyone has a friend like one of these comment! I’m going to start mentioning comments in my blog I only didn’t before because I didn’t have any! I really appreciate all the support you guys are giving me but I would love it if you could help me on my quest to find good advertising skills, I’m not asking you to dot the advertising or do research but if you have any good ideas that you think of while reading this, then I would love to here your ideas.

Also shout out to all my amazing friends who probably aren’t reading this but still!

Thanks for reading,


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