7 January Favourite’s

So at the moment my blog has been mostly advice which is great and I love doing it but I feel like I want more variety on my blog. Also you guys might get a bit bored of advice.

This post is called January Favourites because I was watching Zoella while thinking about my blog and suddenly thought that as it is the beginning of February and so to give my blog variety I should do January Favourites. I will try do one of these every month.

This month I have been loving:

  1. YouTube- I’m loving youtube at the moment it is my life after school. If I had done a December faves it would have been Netflix but now I just can’t watch anything else I’m obsessed!
  2. Sims 4- Same as before in December I was obsessed with Sims freeplay but now I’m saving up £50 to buy Sims 4 because I love watching people play sims 4 and it looks so cool.
  3. My blog!- I love this blog and as January has been the first full month of my blog I thought it would be important to mention to you guys reading that I love writing as much as I hope you love reading it. I would like to shout out to Maylia, Charlotte and Lucy you guys are the most amazing fans I love you and your support is so important to me.
  4. New look- I have always loved New Look but I have and still love a lot of shops but now my online browsing is only ever on New Look. I personally love trying to be as original as possible and wanted to find a shop and a style that I like and was mine but I just love New Look too much I know it is very much a popular brand but I love it.
  5. Zalfie- I love watching their vlogs but also other people make slideshows to songs of Zalfie and it is adorable!!! I just love them they are just sooooo cute. One of Alfie’s most recent videos is called girlfriend voice over or something and I was cryin gwith laughter!!!
  6. Reading- Ok so your all probably thinking NERD ALERT!! But I love reading and I feel like  a lot of people don’t like it which is fine but reading so fun and also means you can concentrate on someone elses life rather than yours so reading has become an escape for me and anything that means I don’t have to think about life is just great.
  7. TEA!!!- Lots of my friends quite like coffee, hot chocolate or sweet drinks but no I just love love love tea so so so much. (i don’t have much to write about tea)

So those are my January favourites! Comment what you’ve been loving this month, follow my blog, like all my blog posts and tell your friends! (I sound really desperate but I am right now) Also comment if it is wrong that I want more followers and likes! I think it might be natural but what do you think?


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