Gifs part 1?

Hi guys be warned this blog post contains a lot of humour so beware cause your about to laugh a whole lot. So this post is gonna be a bit different to anything I have ever posted on my blog but it is something that most people love and it’s just a bit of fun. It’s a new blog content idea for me and I don’t know if maybe it should just be at the bottom of my blog with the blog calendar, follow button etc or if you like every so often for me to post something a bit more humoured, let me know in the comments. Anyway here are the gifs:

dancing-banana.gifIt’s a dancing banana with a huge smile what’s not to love!?

triangle-shape-moving-animated-gif-5.gifI just don’t get it it’s so cool!

ba-awesome-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-image-s.gif                       I love the colours and also fireworks are too loud but so pretty so having a gif is perfect.Dvdp3.gif It’s actually hypnotizing!

polarbearschool.gif That is me every morning!! florian-1.gif Is it just me or is it moving!130207.gif I spent ages watching this on google trying to figure it out and `i still don’t get why you never get to the bottom!giphy.gif What a cute little taco/burito thing!!

I’m not gonna do to many because if you guys think it’s a bit boring then there is no point me doing loads. I have really enjoyed making this, there were a lot of really funny ones but I can’t post anything racist or political really because I don’t want to offend anyone getting offended by anything I post. I’m gonna make a gifs widget at the bottom of my page so they will be there as well. If you enjoyed it like and tell me your favourite gif, if not then tell comment some ideas of what you would enjoy reading.

Thanks for reading,


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