7 March favourites

I’m back and it’s that time of the month where I need to do another monthly favourites. It has been such a long time since I posted a blog, I need to get into the habit of posting every week. I might start a countdown for each blog post so that I post regularly and on time.

  1. PRIMARK- This month I have absolutely adored Primark this month, not that I don’t normally like Primark it has always been great obviously but this month I bought my new favourite jumper which I will leave a link to below.
  2. Bitmoji- I re-downloaded it this month and was surprised at how much I now use it. For those who dont know Bitmoji is an app where you design your self as an emoji and there is all sorts of funny pictures with your emoji in. There are some example I found online below. You can make it Bitstrips style or bitmoji style I have made mine bitmoji style but having seen these might try Bitstrips. I recommend downloading Bitmoji especially if you have snapchat as you can sign in through it.
  3. Ed Sheeran songs- Ed Sheeran has come back from his year off with a bang. His new album Divide came out on Friday 3rd March since then he has had a huge success. I have been a fan of his since his first album and was disappointed when he took a years break.
  4.  4’o clock club- Now I’m not talking about detention it isn’t something you should be proud of but it does make a good TV programme. I’m talking about the CBBC show that has come back with its fifth series. It’s filled with jokes, raps, friends, family , school, teachers etc.
  5. Temple run 2- My dad and I absolutely adored this game when I was about 7 or at least I adored it and he had it on his phone! Still it’s a great game and I recently downloaded it. If you don’t know what temple run 1 or 2 is then I’ll explain: basically you’ve stolen the idol so this monkey, demon dude is chasing you there are obstacles and coins to collect. You slide, jump, turn and tilt to obtain a high score.
  6.  Shopping-I actually can’t believe I haven’t put this in a monthly favourites yet. Shopping is so much fun because you can do it with friends, family and it’s a great way to get to know people, I know: what! how does shopping help you get to know someone? Well it can coz you can learn someones fashion sense and tastes from going shopping with them, weird I know but still it’s an excuse to go shopping!
  7.  Sims freeplay- I have had this game for years but haven’t mentioned it yet so thought I should now. It is basically Sims 4 but as Sims 4 is £49.99 and Sims freeplay is free. Despite this fact Sims freeplay is still sooo fun, you can design cool houses, make families, build relationships. I recommend downloading it however it takes up quite a bit of storage!

Hope you have enjoyed this months favourites. What are your 7 march favourites? Do any of these make your 7 monthly favourites? Also is there anything you want me to blog about? Any tips you want about, well general life? Comment down below and remember to like, follow, tell your friends and most of all enjoy!



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