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Hey guys

I haven’t posted in a while and I’m lining up some more posts for June so hopefully June will be the month I get back on top of the blog posts.

This will just be a short post just to let you know about some new things I will be doing to make this blog better.

As you can see from the title of this blog this post is about the new ways you can contact me. These aren’t new things that I have invented it have been invented recently just new for me to be using them as part of my blog. I say ‘things’ it’s actually just one thing really but there are a few parts to it.

If you have scrolled to the bottom or it just shows up on your screen then you will have seen that there is a link. If you have pressed this link you will know that it is a link to my instagram account for this blog. I am aware that not everyone’s is allowed on Instagram as it is a social media but I am not leaving this site for the Instagram account so you will not be missing out on much. I will be posting on the account everyime I post on here. If you want you can dm (direct message) me or you can comment on my posts (either on here on Instagram)

As I said earlier I will be posting more in June, I think the next post will be my monthly favourites which you can go check soon.

If your new or haven’t already make sure to follow me both on Instagram and on here, if you have enjoyed this post leave a like, make sure to comment or message me if you have any ideas or just want to message or comment. Once again thanks for all the support it means the world to me.

Bye for now,

1g1j xx

Here is the link for my Instagram account: onegirl_onejourney.xx (this isn’t  link so copy it and search it on the Instagram site or the app)

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