7 May Favourites

Hi guys I’m back with another monthly favourites. Just a quick recap back to my last blog which is called Contact me which you can find in the May section.

  1. Goat Grenade- If you’ve heard of and/or watch Jack or Conor Maynard then you will probably have heard of their new single Grenade. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that G.O.A.T is a company that does parodies with people and thats what Conor and Jack have done. In the comments a lot of people were saying that it was degrading to women and it is but it’s not serious, it’s a parody and watch till the end. That is my opinion but I would love to here yours.
  2. Smurfs the lost village- Now as one of the slightly older fans (so older than 7 or 8) I really enjoyed the film I thought it was great that we got to be reunited with our faavourites and also introduced to more smurfs. Without being a plot spoiler I will just say that it is quite different from the other smurf movies and that they have opened up a door to take the franchise further.
  3. Netflix- I still can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned this one yet seeing as I love it so much. Thing is with Netflix is that it isn’t free and everyone loves stuff more when its free but Netflix is definitely worth the dosh we pay for it. They have lots of greats shows and movies.
  4. What to expect when your expecting- Now I know this is a movie that it was released in 2012 and this month wasn’t the first time I’d seen it but it had been a while and I’d forgotten how funny and enjoyable it is. It can be found on Netflix and it features a huge amount of my favourite actors like Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez etc.
  5. Mother’s day- Another movie which is also on Netflix, I clearly watch far to much Netflix. Again this movie didn’t come out this year, it came out in last year, and again it wasn’t the first time I’d seen it. I introduced it to one of my friends when we were scouring Netflix for something new. It also has a large amount of my favourite actors like Shay Mitchell and Jennifer Aniston (two of my all time favourites), Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Britt Robertson and more.
  6. Online shopping- Well whats the point in getting up, getting dressed, leaving the house, going into town and going shopping when you can skip the hassle and do it from the comfort of your bed in your pyjamas in only a few minutes and you don’t even have to buy anything it’s a much quicker and easier way of browsing your favourite shops. I have no objection to going shopping in the actual store but if you go shopping to the actual store to much you end up spending lots but when your online shopping you can just find stuff to look for on your next shopping trip.

Now what I realised at number 6 was there was nothing I new for me to put for a seventh favourite so next month (well this month) I will be back with a full set of seven. You have probably come to the conclusion that I’m a really lazy person who spends there days watching films, online shopping because I can’t be bothered to go to the actual store and who can’t even think of seven things she’s enjoyed that month, and I’m not gonna lie that when I’m feeling tired that that is basically what I spend my time doing but when your tired from a long week of work or school who isn’t looking forward to a good movie night. Remember to leave a like, a follow and a comment of what you want more of, what you want to read in the future or any advice you want. Remember you can message me privately on my Onegirl-Onejourney Instagram account. Check out my other posts and check back in next time for another post (hopefully this month).



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