7 June Favourites 2017

I’m back again with another monthly favourites this is , I think, my sixth monthly favourites and although it says that I posted in December but if you click on that post then you’ll see that it hasn’t been written on.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the first month of summer and enjoyed the hot weather (well this depends where you are). Anyway let’s get on with the monthly favourites:

  1. Riverdale- It came out in January but I have only just started watching it. I recently finished watching my favourite show Pretty Little Liars, the finale of which came out this week, and a lot of my friends where talking about it and recommended it too me. Riverdale can be found on Netflix if your interesting in watching it.
  2. Pretty Little Liars- Now if you’ve been reading my monthly favourites or you have a look back on them, then you will see that I have mentioned this one before but I thought as this amazing show has come to an end recently that it would be good to mention it again. Again Pretty Little Liars can be found on Netflix.
  3. Scones- I recently made some sweet scones which were delicious (if I say so myself). I’m thinking of sharing some of these recipes with you but I will get more into that later in the post. As well as scones tasting really nice there also quite enjoyable to make. If from reading this you now want scones then either go out and by some or read till the end of this post.
  4. Jane the Virgin- Firstly try to get past the name it is rated G which I’m pretty sure is a twelve in America. Now that your starting to get over the name let me tell you some more about it: Jane the Virgin is about a women called Jane and her life, that sounds very simple and boring but I don’t want to give too much away. It is a comedy, romance, telenovela(look it up) and a mystery! I really enjoyed this series and if your 12+ or watch twelves then I recommend this show.
  5.  Skinny Love- Skinny Love is a song by Birdie not a latte in case you were wondering, it isn’t a new song in fact it was released in 2011, 6 years ago.  I just keep hearing this song a lot so then I looked it up and listened to it and now it’s always on coz I’m always listening to it.
  6. Tennis-This is another one I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned yet as I do it twice a week and it is probably my favourite sport. I have always loved d tennis but since a year or so ago I have also loved playing tennis. I’m not a performance player but once I am hitting all shots instead of 90% and can serve I will most likely move on to that.
  7. Lemonade- As its summer I thought I should put in my got to summer drink. Lemonade is a summer classic but when its hot theres nothing I want more than a lemonade and it to cool down a little bit. I have made lemonade before and therefore know that it is literally water, sugar, ice and lemons but its still delicious.

Thats another monthly favourites done and dusted now I just need to make sure I post again this month. I think as well as posting a bit more on my friends series and this monthly favourites series I will be starting a series of my favourite recipes so I will start with scones. I will try to this at least once a month and then that will hopefully two or three a month. I really value your input and as you are the ones reading my blog if there is anything you want me to post then feel free to leave me a comment or dm me on instagram.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my favourites from this month if you have leave a like, tell me what yours were by commenting and make sure to follow me on here and on instagram.


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