Success and failure

Have you ever tried really hard on a test and got a really good mark that your really proud of but someone else got a higher mark than you and your mark starts feeling like a failure.

Have you ever done a LAMDA or music exam where you tried really hard and you think you did really well but the mark you got is lower than someone who you’ve seen practice and looked absolutely awful but still got a better mark!

Have you ever had a job interview where you did loads of research and put in a load of work but someone who didn’t put in as much work still gets the job.

Have you ever worked all night on something and been really proud of it but the next day someone has done an even better job and said they spent know time on it.

If you’ve ever experienced one of these or something similar then you’ll know how awful the experience is but next time did you try even harder or did you just give up because you weren’t happy with last times result? If you carried on trying you probably achieved it and some point along the journey but if you gave up you won’t achieve your goal (unless your goal is to give up). To achieve something not only do you have to put the effort in you also have to keep trying in order to achieve something. I have a Grade  in the instrument I play coming up soon and I’m not confident I will pass but if I don’t pass this time I’ll try again and again and again until I pass.

Having friends and supporting each other is soooooo impotant, so so so important but also it is important to concentrate on yourself as well as helping others. I read in a book recently a quote that: ‘”You have to stop looking sideways all the time and start focusing on your own lane.”‘. Someone else’s success does not impact you or detract from what you’ve achieved. I read that in Girl Online Going Solo, Leah Brown said it. That series of books was my inspiration for this blog and a lot of other things too.

Comment if you have had anything like this ever happen to you.

Till next time,



Just Relax

Hey there!

So I know I said i was going to write three or four times a week, well turns out I can’t post on Wednesday so it will be three times and/or whenever I can write. I have taken down a countdown because the blog post have to be written in advance and writing in the week is a struggle.

Life can be full of stress and there is no point ignoring it because it just builds up more and more until finally you become overwhelmed in anxiety and that can often came a person become constantly miserable and no-one wants that. But don’t be afraid of stress because cowering away from it can also make it build up, so the best way to deal with stress is think what is it I’m stressing about, what can I do to stop myself stressing about it, do I need to stress about this now. Answer these questions and then do whatever it is that you need to do to stop stressing about it whether it is doing a piece of work, telling someone about it etc. Another good way to deal with stress is write about it: fix any of it that can/ needs to be fixed, do whatever it is you need to do and then rip it up and throw it away, it is no longer something to stress about. Also if your stressing about something when your trying to get to sleep you are most lightly tired you can always deal with it in the morning.

As well as those techniques something I’ve found useful is to take your mind of all of it: friends, family, school, work. However hiding away from everyone and everythingI’ve found that writing both on this blog and in a journal. Everyone has something that will take there mind of the things their struggling with and no matter how busy you are make sure you have time to just chill and relax (sleeping or reading  are very good ideas) .

There are loads of ways to deal with stress these are just some of my best and I’m sure they will work with others. Comment any tips on dealing with stress that you have.

Bye for now,

1g1j xox

Happy New Year

Hi reader,

A new year is a fresh start. Most people make new years resolutions as a way to improve there life in a quick and easy way. I always make resolutions but only recently I’ve found that I’ve really wanted to make resolutions. I think as you get older that kind of thing becomes slightly more important and you start making realistic resolutions, or at least that is what happened with me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but a lot of adults are doing dry January which is where adults give up alcohol for I’m not actually sure if it is a month or a fortnight. I guess it is a bit like lent but they decide to do it in January  because a great resolution would be to stop an addiction or it could just be something you wish you did less.

I thought I would share a couple of tips on how to make new years resolutions:

  1. Think about what you do a lot and would like to do less or what you what like to not do at all.
  2. Make sure that any resolutions you make are realistic and that you will be able to keep them.
  3. Make resolutions to try something new but make sure to specify what you want to try.
  4. Write down the list so that you don’t forget any of your resolutions.

I know making resolutions may seem easy to some people but to others it can either be a joke or hard and I thought it might be interesting some of the tips I had. I’m sure there are way better tips on resolutions and I’m sure the all knowing internet has great tips so that , as always, would be a great place to look for help.

Some of my resolutions are: Form a band , do more exercise and try more new things. What are yours? I would love to here some of your resolutions, so leave a comment about a resolution and in my next blog I will mention them.

Bye for now,                                                                                                                                         1g1j


My first blog post

Hi reader, 

This is my first blog post !Yay! as you probably guessed from reading the title of this post which hopefully you read.

Anyway, I’ve been inspired by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella and her book series Girl Online, I’m currently reading the third and most recent book. 

In this blog I will write about life as a teenage girl: the drama, the laughs, the highs and the lows (I sound like the blurb on the back of a book). This is an anonymous blog so I cant tell you my name but I can tell you about me and my life. All my friends will have nicknames so I can talk about them with you without revealing there names to you. You’re probably thinking thats all very well but what makes her blog different to the others (if you weren’t you are now) well my blog will be a safe place, a no mean zone if you will that means no cyber bullying or mean things that could upset people so don’t have arguments in the comments. Ok so it isn’t revolutionary but it is a start.

My next blog will be more interesting as it will be about something interesting not me explaining the basics to you. If there is anyone out there reading this whether your English, American, Swiss, German, Chinese, Japanese leave a comment and I will reply either in my next blog, the one after or in the comments. 

I will probably post two or three times a week, it depends if I have anything to say.I need some ideas for how to publicise my blog further so if you have any ideas then comment, tell your friends, thank you for reading.

Bye for now,                                                                                                                     1g1j